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War glitch
So I solo'd (FC) two times back to back yesterday, and each time the score was set to 10, meaning first to get 10 wins will win the war. I won 9 matches in the first war, and lost 1 match, then it suddenly ended the war and said i won when i only had 9 points. and I checked the score history and it said Black 6-3 (FC). I thought it might be a one time glitch but then I warred them again, I lost 2 matches and a teammate lost 1 match and won like 8, and then the war ended again, checked the war history and it said 6-3 again..

send help
oh, that fixes part of it XD but still, i only lost one match in the first war against them, and i had won 9 times, yet the score is still 6-3