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Not a new player but I may as well be
Hello everyone!

I'm not exactly a new player. I first started playing around Oct. 2012. However, even after all this time, I've been off and on (usually off for months and months at a time), and I've only amassed about 60-70 hours total playtime. This was also spread over 5 accounts, as I wasn't able to find a name I was satisfied with for quite a while. My most used account was the one before this one, used for 3 years, but it's been dead for almost 2 years now. On top of that, I always felt my rank was above my actual skill level, as I'd win like 1 in every 20 matches.

I also never bothered to try using these forums, but it seems like there's a nice community here that I'd love to be apart of.

I've got horrible dedication issues and have made messages like these multiple times on servers and forums before disappearing for months a couple weeks later. This could easily be the same case, but I've had this game around me for 6 years now so it could definitely be different.

With all that said, I'm excited to meet y'all! If anyone has any tips for improving myself or getting in the right mentality in game, I'd love to hear them c: