Hero Pro League
Dafe heres the replays ^^
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Its an lol.
Sorry my English...

Dafe, i think problem with enter_frame have solution.
I just count every frame in function enter_frame, and then check it in enter_freeze.
And arguments for set_grip is wrong, it accepts only 1 - gripped, and 0 - ungripped.

HTML file in attach is modification of Dafe Ghost Trainer.
Dafe, please look at bug fixes and release new script.
Thank you.

Script that was attached have bugs, so i've delete it.
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This is stuff I've been meaning to address, but haven't had time for.
Radioactive torso's description should be, "You have cancer like wow."
Here is SamuraiJoust training script.
I'm not a samurai master, but some moves are fun...
You can also watch some samuraijoust replays from attached archive.

Dafe, this script have some new fixes(Uke.cursor replaced with "search for frame" func, added some options(mostly for debuging purpose)), so if you wil have time, take a look at new code.
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This is like, awesome! I made a fairly mean Classic trainer, though it only has
a few moves... Still hurts!

Edit: Darn, necroed >_>
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