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Design bezier paths

you are a god
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War_hero did that before me. Except I recall that you don't get to capture from cam to keyframe, you had to move the spots manually, check view, move, check view, move...
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how do you start the free cam mode?

Freecam, or the new Expert Cam?

Freecam is obsolete as it has been incorporated into Toribash. Please review documentation for Toribash for this.

ExpertCam runs once loaded and has onscreen buttons for control.
Hello 2018. Can anyone tell me if these scripts are still the best for the most control for video making? And are they put into some sticky thread as a resource for video makers? Are my scripts still functional or has new versions broke them?

Also, anecdotes of reminiscing while I'm here. I really don't remember making FreeCam like it was a big deal, but I knew it was going to be different. At the time, you could fly the camera around by keys/hand/mouse, but there was no way to make preset paths to record. I knew there was code and the camera could do it. So I wanted to make a new video (inq clan video), and I made the script for it. That was all.
And then War_Hero made bezier cam. It was smoother, but no save features. I wished there was a better script with the best of both our scripts. Then I broke my arm and I had a few weeks off to recover. With nothing to do, I wanted to make my wish to become real. So, thanks to War_Hero, I had the idea to make a better cam.
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Oi still here so am i
well wasd does not work for me at least when I load the mod up. all I can do is use the Panning keys IJKL.