Hero Pro League
More stable v1.2 posted. Also, re-sync instructions.

If moving forward does not move you forward, hold shift and A or D to rotate the camera until the forward direction is the same as the direction the "I" went. You must have a continuous press of shift then direction. Letting go of A or D will no drop you out of re-syncing mode.

HOWEVER, it only works like you're flying an airplane.
WS moves you forward and back.
AD makes you look left and right.
Shift WS makes you look up and down.
Shift AD makes you rotate around a point thats shortly in front of you.

v2 will return with IJKL control, but for now, you can take a photo from any shot you want.

v3...might be a while.
been waiting for an update

Thanks for your work FNugget !
<Alan> lol, rutz, it might be cool to smell your ass all the time you touch the mic

freakin.....SWEEEET!!!!!!!!! thank you SO MUCH!
:O now that you have full control of the movement, now add buttons
(like 'f' or 'r') for effects, like a flash, or a rumble, and for the rumble, make the camera move rly fast in a edgy sqaure? idk, im sure it can defianatly be done keep it up!
Rawrawrawr, Ima Psy >:U
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Awesome job, man. I see you put my suggestion in.
Now, for a freefall vid.
I'd like to see Hulk get so pissed that he exits his physical body.
Instead of being powered by psychic energy or whatever, he's powered by ARRRGH FUCK YOU
f is save replay, r is rewind replay.
flash is...impossible? thats not a camera movement.
rumble...you can already do that in a video editor.

FreeCamv3 is going to be a little more ambitious than just rumble. Code works, but I need to work out some mathematical functions in order for it to get finished.