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Contains bugfixes, more default content, tutorials.

That caught my interest, gonna test how the tutorials progressed.
Didn't see a difference in the tutorials, maybe it's in the "challenge uke" I suppose?
Also I love how you changed the tori and uke textures, good job.
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This is pretty good version,but there is one problem.
Is it only for me,or is it for everyone?:-

EDIT: I can't press E to enter the editing mode.
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bug in tutorial where if i view the decap_dq replay more than once (usually restarts itself halfway through 60%) the arrow goes away and it takes me directly to freeplay
My gentleman's hat isn't working. Might wanna have that checked that out.
Edit: nvm I am a derp and didn't put the quality up.
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The gui menu looks scaled down, or the text is scaled up

my gui logo in the credits menu
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