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Toribash 4.7 Beta 2
4.7 Beta 2 (exe only)

4.7 Beta 1

Beta 2 contains crash fixes. runopener command changes.

Try the hampa100.lua Aikido opener script:
n - prev opener
m - next opener
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Thats opener script work not only on start. Ppl can make supershovel scripts and go with this on tourney. Counter shovel scripts can be made too.
making openers spam-able isn't going to make toribash any completative or closer to e-sport discipline since it will only cripple players skillwise and most matches will become a rock, scissors & paper game.

anyway, waiting for "soft" body flag to make bodypart to cause no damage to an opponent.
for example you kick opponent, but can't get any damage since legs are "soft" flag, so the only body parts you can cause damage with are hands. inb4 perfect boxing mod.