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4.8 beta6 (win, osx)
4.8 beta6 - Windows and OSX
https://cache.toribash.com/Toribash-4.8-Beta6-Setup.exe - Windows
https://cache.toribash.com/Toribash-4.8-Beta6.dmg - OSX

- set replay file to open with last client used

- better disconnected messages

- camera moves when opening buy credits menu
- shadow on obj, hair in multiplayer
- belt restriction checkbox in multiplayer browser
- crash when loading replay and replay speed is negative

- removed all customs except for tori, uke, toriko, ukeko
- changed toribash header texture
- changed default floor texture

- changed add buddy on popup menu to add steam friend
I like dis
I first
i like the obj shadow and the header!! and with the buddy thing seems like the staeM thing is close;)))))))
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INB4 14 days ban
Finally! There's some crap that happens with my 4.8 beta 2. >.< In consistencies with the live update thing too...
Nice work.
Buy me food and tell me I'm cute.
issue(minor) the multilayer list of servers is showing the beginner/semi pro rooms as joinable, while the all others(intermediate-ultimate) are greyed out, i am 10th dan.
this wasn't happening with the 4.8.2, just the 4.8.6

-- upon opening TB today, its working fine on the beltrestictions and the srv list colours
it may have been some cache issues on my end.
rule 1 of -IT- fixes all = PC restart
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