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Video Making Event (very cool and oldschool!)

Hi and welcome to a (very cool) video making event!

So, this is a video making event - I obviously want you to make a Toribash video.
The twist is that it doesn't have to be a 15-second clip with a million color filters and effects added in post-processing. So like, the oldschool type of Toribash video.

Make it at least 1 minute long, make it fun to watch and go creative!
You may work with other players on your entries - in that case the prizes will be split.

Use the godly edits by Moop for your inspiration

I will judge all the entries together with Moop
Actually he said he's ready to judge the only entry this will get but who knows, perhaps there will be two

Best video
200,000 Toricredits
10 Shiai Tokens
Void or Demon Joints (your choice)

Honorable mentions
50,000 Toricredits
4 Shiai Tokens

Edit in Tori-mouths
Any video with a Tori-mouth akin to those in Moop's videos above will earn you an event-exclusive item!

(Ugly) Mouth
(god forgive us for making it)

You need to submit your videos until September 7th

Have fun editing!

Some questions and answers

Last edited by sir; Aug 14, 2020 at 12:15 PM.
Yep, no more entires will be accepted.

We'll take another look at all the entries with Moop and will try to get results ready by this weekend!

Ok this delay is completely on me, sorry!

Here are the results:

Best video: xero901

Honorable mentions



Other noteworthy videos
(these guys also got some little reward)

For making a 10/10 2010-style meme video

For the perfect "it's 2010, I'm 13 and I just got bandicam" vibe

Players who received ugly mouths:
(if you actually had a mouth edited in your video and I haven't sent you the item please post here or contact me via PMs/Discord)
  • akina
  • Taekkyo
  • LostMail

Thanks to everyone for participation, this actually got way more (and better) videos than we originally expected - so you can probably expect more video events in future!