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Head Texture of the Month: Freestyle

Head Texture of the Month is back once again but this time with a special Twist!
This time around you guys don't have a certain theme to work with which means you can create whatever you want as long as it's a Head Texture.
In this event, the Event Squad (ES) give you guys a theme to work with, and you have time until October 7th to create an amazing head texture. The person who creates the head that best fits the judging criteria receives prizes. But don't worry if you don't make it out on top, as there will be several honorable mentions. Now get drawing friends!

We do still have rules that are to be followed. Keep in mind we may not judge your art if it doesn't follow ALL of these rules.

- No plagiarism, this isn't tolerated at all and is severely punishable
- Do not submit old/pre-made textures.
- A rough sketch or WIP is required to prove that it is a head in progress and not a pre-made head that you are reposting.
- Collaborations are allowed, however in this scenario prizes will be split.
- Only one submission is allowed, which also means no alts used to submit two different heads. If you're collaborating with another artist, you can only submit that head.
- Submissions must be in 512x512 or higher.
- Post watermarked flats in this thread with spherical previews. It would be much appreciated if you used Toribash Textures for 3D previews.
- If you aren't using Toribash Textures, ensure to make your previews clear, show all aspects of your head and attempt to keep watermarks somewhat non-intrusive while still being effective.

The winner will receive the following:


The winners of the honourable mentions prize will receive the following:


All winning entries and honourable mention winners will be mentioned in both the Opening Post of the next HTotM with the artists credited AND in a Sticky thread in the art forum. So if you're looking for a chance to establish yourself as an artist in the Toribash community, this is it!

The winners of the Previous HTOTM were as follows:

Month 24 - Relics/Ancients

The purple named guys- THE EVENT SQUAD!

The deadline is October 7th 2020 8pm (GMT+0)
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Here is my entry! Day of the Dead inspired: Watermark is abxy, pre namechange

abxy (Day of the Dead WIP)

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Sould I post my WIP photo now? If I think it is currently presentable but clearly not finished?

Frick it

Went for a creepy Cacodemon from Doom meets DnD Beholder but at the same time different... Its WIP and I plan to add some more skin texture and gross drool...
flat is also attatched
well... any opinions? I like to hear constructive criticism so do be afraid to give advice and your honest opinion
This is my final submision reminder the previos as I stated was my WIP this is the final result.

flat is attatched
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made a 1024x512 eye head

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Drama leads?

All of these comments make me feel super good about really getting into textures! Thank you!
would like to see crollex in that find interesting cartoon and thick lines.
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