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Slackers Invitational
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Hello all and welcome to the 2020 Slackers Invitational! Sponsored by none other than Slackers Radio.

Rules are pretty simple and straight forward, the tournament will be a single round knockout lobby, participants will be PM'd a password to enter when the lobby is set up.

Prizes will change as the date draws nearer, but as of 9/21 they are $7 and 200k for 1st place, and $3 and 100k for 2nd.
(USD will be sent via PayPal. If you don't have access to PayPal, a TC substitute will be sent in lieu of the prize)

Maximum amount of participants will be 25. Once 25 people have signed up, consider your deadline to be passed.

Sign-ups are fairly simple. Follow ( on Twitch and make a post here with a screenshot that you've done that. Secondly while the tournament is being held, you must be tuned into the stream for the duration of the tournament -- just come on in and say hi to confirm you're there!

The tournament will be held on Friday, September 25th @ 11PM (GMT 0).

Be there or be square! Follow @slackersradio on Twitter for updates and come familiarize yourself with the Slackers Discord.

See you at the tourney, slackers!

m-m-m-m-may you create a countdown? : pleading_face :


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