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(Bliz) Application submission

Hi. If you're interested in joining the Blizzard clan, simply fill out an application in the format below and we will contact you!


Preferred mods:

*Feel free to freehand it if you want. Just give us information about you*
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Age:Over 9000
Recommendation(optional):Was In the clan for a month, was trying to make a new clan another acc could own but failed and accidently left
Preferred mods:Mushu, Boxshu, Parkour, Xspar
khaydenkann, I would add you back but it looks like you're in another clan. Let me know if you wanna stay or become a Frozen One again
Hi all members of Blizzard! this is my app


Faviourite mods:aikido,Abd,Boxshu and xspar
Hi i'm a bboy breakdancer in toribash an real life x) i love do tricks and dance i like aikido and more i'm 14 years old i'm french but i can speak english and if i can enter in your clan i think i'm gonna practice hard x)
Hello My name is Krazyk9 if you didn't read the name i've played toribash for around a year and a half now if you add up all my accounts together.
some extra information about me
Im 12 nearly 13
Im 8th grade
Im short asf
my discord is MrDoggo
And my name is Codey
i once was apart of Sixpaths when it was alive
i was in manifest before it disbanded

Hello members of Blizzard
in game my username is KrazyK9 and my activity is Very good in my opinion usually 3-6 hours a day unless something comes up. i dont know how to rate my skill level so ill just leave that for you to decide

on forum im very active i have forum up while i play at all times

Thank you for taking the time and effort to read this application sorry this one was a long one i appreciate it and i know im in a clan rn im just helping out a friend
woof woof