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(Q) Queen Recruitment

The first step is writing a legit application. You can write a free-form application and post in this thread. Tell us who you are, where you're from, well, anything that you feel like is necessary.

Hey, we want to know you better
The best thing you can do is socialize with us. We are always in-game, posting in our board and talking on Discord, so basically, we are everywhere. We like to make new friends and talk about general things, so if you feel like, you can join our Discord server and start posting in our board, it will help us and also help you to get into our clan.

When you post your application, it will be voted as soon as possible. The applicant must wait for the final decision without questioning how much time it will take, but it should take at least 1 week. If you get rejected, you will be able to apply again in at least 3 weeks.
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