I don't think the flu comparisons are about 'making fun' of people who take the coronovirus seriously. I think it's more just putting things into perspective. There's a (hell of) a lot of scaremongering going on with this outbreak, and people do stupid shit with fear. Several of my Chinese friends on Facebook have shared around this article, agreeing with it and citing their own examples.

I think we can still put this outbreak into perspective without trivialising it. As Maya said, the flu is more widespread. CDC reckons 19 million Americans experienced flu symptons this season and more than 10,000 died - As the CDC says, this coronovirus outbreak is definitely a public health threat, but the immediate risk to the US public is low. Same goes for elsewhere around the globe.

The relevant authorities will worry about this (you can be sure of that), there's really no need for the general public to worry. Your odds of catching this coronovirus outside of China are still far less likely than you being struck by lightning - This ain't making fun of people who've gone out and bought face masks, this is just putting things into perspective.
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citing they're own examples.

citing they are own examples.

Also I spend most of my waking life with children who really are making fun of it, so I guess my view of general opinions on the virus are skewed.
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I'm living in China so I'll way in.

I think a fair amount of the news in many western countries (read: american news) is over-sensationalized to the point of being misinformation. I'm not saying it's fake news or anything but this virus is only barely worse than the flue in most cases and the death rate is never going to be anything like SARS. the main danger is the prolonged incubation period where people are contagious and don't show symptoms. The reason this virus has surpassed SARS in infection numbers is because many people who have it don't know. That being said China really isn't fucking around with this and is currently implementing curfews in my city where to be outside you must be wearing a mask at all times. Riding the subway now requires passing through a temperature check which while being a nice touch is also not super efective due to the aforementioned incubation period.

overall I still think this isn't worth the hype if you live in America or Europe you should be cautious for sure but you are currently exceedingly unlikely to actually get the virus and even then much more likely to have normal flu like symptoms then exhibit the critical respiratory issues.

but the news sites gotta get there clicks so....

Mmm well too bad. The Coronavirus mortality rate has already surpassed SARS and has affected various economies worldwide. As you were saying?
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Oh yeah I definitely wasn't making fun of people for it, just didn't have the perspective on why it was such a crisis.

i wonder if it's possible to get multiple of these viruses at once. Oof.
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