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Hello, Vampire.
Your activity seems to be lacking, would you like to kill this clan?

If not, I'd like to inform you as one of the clan admins that you will have to prove yourself to be an active, healthy clan in order to remain official.

No response in a week will result into Clan Admins suspecting this clan to be dead, and your forum being removed, if the clan admins decide that this clan is too inactive to be official after so long, your forum will unfortunately be removed.

I'll keep you posted.
collect snots from the nose
yeah im still here too.. dunno about master either.. -.- would be sad if the clan dies.. but well.. leader is gone.. at least lost
Whatever doesn't kill you, is gonna leave a scar.
You have three more days for master to return, if we see no sign of him we'll kill this clan. Thank you for your time.
collect snots from the nose