everyone complain that public boxshu is v3 and not v5 real quick please and thanks

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joustingfixed.tbm pls
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Judo frac shouldn’t be in the ranked server lmao. I get that you’re trynna make the game noob friendly and give them a mod they can win by giving them a mod they can win by watching a YouTube opener, but it’s annoying as hell for anyone who’s actually played the game for the mods that take skill
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finally tripstone wont be afk in a lobby for 6 hours

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I'd love to see joustingfixed back in the game. Just came back after 4 years to check out what's happening to toribash, and I can say it's a lot different then what it was when I last played. *If any one of you guys remember me or played against me HMU cause I'd love to meet with peeps who I've played before and see their opinions too about the new toribash 😊

PS: My signature is actually pretty cringe looking back at it smh
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