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Inventory doesn't shows.
Today i deactivated my relax to put another one (here in torishop, not in-game), and it didn't work. Then i remembered the new in-game inventory thing and maybe i had to change it there, i entered to the inventory and absolutely nothing appeared, just the "Menu" word up there.

What can i do? It is a problem of my game? Or it is a mistake of the new update?

Oh, and i readed Goat's thread, but i think it doesn't applies here, this relax's are old, didn't bought nothing recently.
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What exactly do you mean by "it didn't work"? What exactly happens when you try to activate an item? Did you get any sort of error message?
Sorry, and no, no error message appears, when i try to activate an item, (here on toribash forum, as usual) the page reloads and then appears the green message that says the item has been activated. Everything normal here. I enter to the game and it stills the same relax on.
Hello, seems like you found a solution to your problem. I'll be closing this, pm me if you want to reopen.
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