Chapa you got to accept the clan invitation which I guess you haven't done already
trial doesn't mean you can't accept it right now


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yes to xneojsr and tangen
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Yes for Lucent.

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yes to xneosjr and tangen

ew who's Lucent, xneosjr and tangen. Just EW

But thanks anyway
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Nick Names: Vitta, Lucent, Official Ocean

Belt: 2nd dan, My Lucent is custom belt.

How do you act in game?: Fun, and competitive without even being an asshat since some competitive players just can't stop cursing at their opponent. Lol.

About how many times do you post on the forums weekly?: When i have places to post on, i post a lot. Evil members from 2011-2012 knows how active i was on the forum.

Do you use IRC: Yes, most of the time I am on my pc and I am always in #Evil since the first time i started being active on IRC which was 4 years ago.

Why are you applying for [Evil]?: It was my past clan. Good to see that the elders are still here, feels great to be with my old friends. And Evil isn't as active as before, even ingame, So I'm rejoining Evil to help out too, which is why I am gonna bring my active troops to help Evil gain it's activity back ingame and on the forum, and so it can start climbing the leaderboard. Trust me my troops aren't asshats. I wouldn't keep asshats in my circle.

Have you been banned/infracted in the past (if so, for what): On Lucent, yes. Account trading, but i wasn't active when the warning was pm'd to me.

Favorite mod?: AikidoBD, Greykido. My 2 favorite mods.

Skills outside toribash?: Programming, Sound Engineering, Music Producing, DJ.

Current clan you're in (if no clan leave this out): None.

Vouchers(who would say you're good enough to get in): Hyde, Apex

FYI: I've been in Evil twice. 2011-2012, and early 2014

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Yes from me too. You have a majority of yes's so I'd say you're in. somebody invite this man!
someone wake apex up


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Invited. Welcome back
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