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do you think toribash next will be here this year?
hampa and whoever else has been working on tb next for over a year, and while I know games take a long time to make I was wondering what yall thought of this!

my thoughts are that it will not. my reasoning is (which is mostly just opinion)
1: hampa saw that this game was dying pretty badly and decided to work on a new project to gain some hype and keep new players.
2: it's already September and only a select few have even gotten a closed alpha.
3: hampa seems to be working on it mainly by himself and hasn't been giving regular updates on it at all recently.
4: the community is losing hype for it and it's slowly shrinking back down again which will make anybody unmotivated especially if you're making a game by yourself.
5:idk I'm just trying to make discussion to help the clan with activity. XD
your thoughts?

I'm Event Squad! have any questions or want to send me an application PM me.

let me speak to your manager