thanks nic ;)
but i've got a (not deep) manip
i do that for trying and it tourned out pretty decent

hope you enjoy
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gekiz manip_4! v2.rpl (279.7 KB, 10 views)
Manip_4 opener was slow, boring waiting for it. at 363, you hit your head and that's kind of ugly, the first dm was weird, but the other hits were cool
Check out my replays HERE
Perchè sparri con quella merda?

Nice replay gekiz but the ko didin't seems so brutal...liked the pose alot.
When you say short you mean short...

Might I ask what gravity it was on? Those jumps seem a bit stretched out.

Also Ko chest hit?
the gravity was -30 like usual.

i know i missed the head for the ko so it's a chest hit
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i've got a one shot
i could probably turn it into something else but for now i'll just leave it as it is. enjoy

P.s. dl me btw
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