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I think you should write it in his thread so maybe he can answer you.
Wepp has his own style and feels comfortable in it, it's his passion and this is important. In my humble opinion this head is sick, it reminds me of Membrain's art and it was very hard and fun to sit and think what else can I add to make it even better.
I made all these caligraphy symblos (secretly there is a message hidden in it) and yea, colorway and preview. I
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weppets stuff is very intricate but his art has been declining at a consistent rate in my opinion. i really can not tell what is going on at this point with the heads he makes everything is so dark and overdetailed. i feel like theres more i can say but i cant think right now, maybe im totally wrong but thats my view of it

and i assume all u did is the coloring

Thanks for speaking your mind Wounder. I can see what you mean for the Meltdown texture, I made it to be a cluster of stuff since the theme is that sort of messy robotic being.
I think the "everything being darker" part of the last textures comes from me lowering my tablet sensitivity to avoid ruining its surface by pressing too much on it. You are totally right that I need to pay more attention on dark values since I keep pressing as much as before but with different settings. I'll work on it.
Overdetailing is a thing, but in the end I think it comes down to personal preference, like everything. Meltdown, as I said, was appositely made to be a clusterfuck of metal, while I honestly don't see the overdetailing on Son of Yuggoth since there are some very detailed parts but others that are completely empty.
I appreciate your CnC, if there's other stuff that comes to your mind feel free to tell me.

I hope Hug doesn't mind me answering here.
The last head you did with WeppetKo was the bees knees. Good stuff brother.
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@Raven: thank you, bee movie is lit tho
We just made another piece of art with my man Wepp (check his thread), check this out

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Amazing head by amazing artists , you did a really good job. Really like how you both combined your styles into one head , you must to do some more collabs because this is the best style I've seen for the last 2 years.
Покрас лампас от мира торибаша, не меньше :d
Not a fan of the gibberish on the top, if there's one thing you should have left on the old head it's that. The rest of the head is pretty nice even though every head seems to have the big scary mouth with sharp teeth, gets boring in my opinion.

Here's a idea: Weppet can try drawing something in black and white, but do it in a way where hug could color it in. Like draw it with more saturation where you're not filling in everything with a pitch black color, if you know what I mean
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Pavor Thanks man, thank you, it was a fun experience
Rain ну, честно говоря, давно хотел попробовать
Wounder we've got a request to do a head similar to our previeous one that's why it looks like that.
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@Raven: thank you, bee movie is lit tho
We just made another piece of art with my man Wepp (check his thread), check this out

Owner: Belly

Стиль, очень нравится. Чья каллиграфия?
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Стиль, очень нравится. Чья каллиграфия?

Pachti uvern shto Hug'a