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[B]The end[/B]
i'm rly sry to say this but....

clan illuminaughty has come to an end. it's been a nearly a year since our leader has left and our activity has basically come to a standstill. so i think it's time i ended the clan

i've been in this clan for almost a year but i don't regret it a bit.... i've learned alot here and i hope you have too

bye everyone ... i hope we can still be friends

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The same sort of reason that I ended up leaving.

The Illuminaughty had a pretty long lifespan so you should all be proud of that at least. Well, good luck to all of you in toribash or whatever else you might move on to next.
well... this is kinda sad... now what will i do...

o and shicken we still buddies right?

sorry for never being on, just am really busy, and... ya...

good bye illuminaughty, we only hardly knew you...
Have A Nice Day/Night/Afternoon/Evening/etc.
Hey im back!!!
sorry I havent been around a while..
theres really no excuse I just forgot about toribash..
well it was great to know you guys, um well this is goodbye