Hero Pro League
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[Arma] Is Now Recruting!!!!

Rules of the Forum

1. Don't swear to much- saying fuck or shit all the time can get annoying so keep it at a minimal.

2.No useless posts- no post like "agreed" or he is right.

3.Be nice-you don't have to be a saint but be respectful towards other members and non members.

4.Be active-I take this very seriously, if your gonna join this clan be sure to be an active person in the forums, don't join if you don't post in the forums frequently or ill be forced to kick you.

5.Don't apply for other clans-this is just stupid and I will know.

Rules in game

1.Have fun-if your not having fun, there will be punishment.

2.Don't insult other clans- if you see another clan don't go of saying they suck, the only situation you can insult them is if they insult you first but I would advice ignoring them.

3. Be active-you don't have to be as active as in forums but play frequently.

Reason you want to join:
Time Zone:
Favorite Mod:


1.Brown Belt up
2.Avatar in Forum
3.Must be a girl...just messing lol

CLAN LINK-----> http://forum.toribash.com/showthread.php?t=265929
I'm the Leader of [Opt]Optimum, if you wanna join... then apply already!! smh