Golem IV - Rise of MELOG
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DFH )die for hounor(
2 Votes / 100.00%
Freelance {cause there not a clan any more}
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DD (same as with freelance
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FFOF (fist full of frags}
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SF (sonic fail)
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SOH (soldiers of heaven)
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i have no idea... the lack of activity here has put me in an almost eternal sleep....
˙ʍʇɟ uʍop-ǝpısdn ƃuıdʎʇ
Hmm, sorry for the invdae, but I am looking for my old application, but:

Junior member is based on the forum, the number of posts you have.
relieve my heart of malice
Originally Posted by honeebuket View Post
Whoa... -.-
Do you think we are retarted? You are a junior member. (White Belt-2nd Dan)
Talk to us when you reach 2nd dan.

Not to be mean but yeah, you kind of are a retard to think that a junior member is that. icylegend is a good player and you lost him because you don't know the toribash forums that well. Anyways.... Hey honee, anything new?

EDIT: Btw, you should edit your sig, that thread is mega ub3r old.
Are you active/dead?

Are you active/dead? Answer simply Yes/No

No response in a week will result into Clan Admins suspecting this clan to be dead, and your forum being removed.