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Organization Outreach
Hey guys, I've got some questions for you

So we have been looking over organizations for a little while now. There are some orgs like TMMA, Indonizer, OBT, ORMO, unofficial orgs, etc. that go through spurs of activity, but the majority of them are either super inactive or dead. With the new forum overhaul coming soon, we're trying to figure out a better way to organize organizations (see what I did there? not funny? didn't laugh? okay). With places that have relaxed rules existing like Off Topic; we could condense orgs down and put them there. Another alternative would be to delete them outright, and give certain orgs a sub-forum relevant to what they do (i.e. ORMO getting a sub-forum in Replays).

What do you guys think about organizations? In their current state, they're really a big mess and don't serve any function. What I'd like to know from you guys is:

How much do you value organizations?

What could be changed about organizations in order for them to be fun and functional? (I did it again somebody please stop me)

Would you be satisfied with any of the potential solutions listed above? If so, which one?

If there's any other ideas you'd like to share regarding organizations, I encourage you to share those as well.

Here's a poll with a free response section included if you don't want to post here: CLICK ME!
I agree 100% with Tonomi.
Especially on that point:

Originally Posted by T0n0mi View Post
Everything not connected to game, as some anime/manga orgs is a weeb shit local interests. Same as some "pcmasterrace org" or "mario 4ever" orgs. That not connected to Toribash game, and it should be in off-top section. I'm sorry, but orgs must be a serious thing.

If someone wants to talk about something completely unrelated to the game, it's enough to start an off topic thread or look for another forum focused on the topic he's interested in.
Originally Posted by Footlox View Post
Audit every org to check their activity, what their purpose is and if they’re really contributing to the community or not. If a dead org doesn’t respond within a month - delete them.

Footlox is right too, but the inactivity time for the organizations should be a little bit longer.

In the "Organizations" tab there are 52 pages with 1034 organizations atm.
If you focus only on important and relatively active organizations, there will probably not be more than 200 of them left.

Ed's idea is great, too.
In my opinion these three suggestions combined together can be good idea.
(Ed, Tonomi & Footlox posts)
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I'm okay with deleting all orgs because TMMA will just reform somewhere else. Our main platform is discord but we can and are planning to contribute more to the community which is what orgs should do. It does such that we lose all that history in the old threads though. Good times..
There's one more thing.
Social groups ( on this forum don't make much sense, their removal will probably make the organizations more important.
If I remember correctly even Sir mentioned that he wants to remove them.
hurh hurh hurh *chews grass*
there's no point in removing the orginazations that's just taking history away, instead you could keep progressing onward with toribash next and get ready to populize the game, i severely hope you guys plan on advertising, it'll really benefit you guys, and if you advertise look into twitch, this is unrelated but it's just what i think.
i don't really believe organizations as they exist right now - with this current clan discussion-like system - have to be maintained and/or repurposed, made more "serious" or whatever. most orgs have outlived their purpose/function long ago and not many people have made decent orgs with original, reasonable purposes since... who knows
Originally Posted by Fade
Another alternative would be to delete them outright, and give certain orgs a sub-forum relevant to what they do (i.e. ORMO getting a sub-forum in Replays)

deleting is a tad harsh. ormo is probably the only org that serves (or, at least, served) enough of a purpose to have a subforum within a subforum here - that is, if they are okay with that. all the other official orgs don't really seem to have mattered (in a sense of impacting the community and/or the game) in years.

that being said, though, it wouldn't hurt to move the other boards to a place like "dead organizations" for the sake of preserving memory, and letting the current admins of orgs like obt and anime united post threads in off-topic to gather those specific niches, as you've suggested. since the activity is so low everywhere, one thread for each org would probably suffice.

what i'd like to know is: how would the off-topic rules be enforced in those threads? there's a lot of shitposting in obt, matter of fact, 99% of the posts made there are shitposts, and that's perfectly fine the way things are right now, but would it still be okay to shitpost if those threads were in off-topic, would they be exempted?
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That was really bad sorry.
Someone tell me why this guy is highly respected by some people ???
i think the consensus is to end orgs. delete the inactive ones. the active ones can decide which thread they want moved to the appropriate sub-forum.
On the contrary to what some people seem to think, I think orgs should be made a little bit less seriously enforced. It'd be good for people to have a designated place to group together and freely socialize on the forums (in a group outside of just their clan; you can only be in one clan at a time). Services like Discord tend to take away from this, but I don't think that's reason enough to remove it entirely from the forums.

My solution: Merge unofficial orgs into offtopic, and moderate them less seriously (meaning: allow orgs that are social, redundant, and stupid/wibblish to a degree). Make them a place for users to band together and socialize outside of just their clans. However, keep a separate board for official organizations to have their subboards, and allow quality unofficial orgs in offtopic to still apply and become official. You never know when a good org may come around, especially as user activity increases with Toribash Next.

On that last note, I think it's pretty clear and safe to say that user activity is/has been down. I don't think it's a good idea to make these big decisions deleting inactive stuff when most of the forums/game is seeing a drop in activity as a whole. Except social groups, delete social groups.
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