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Hey guys, I've got some questions for you

So we have been looking over organizations for a little while now. There are some orgs like TMMA, Indonizer, OBT, ORMO, unofficial orgs, etc. that go through spurs of activity, but the majority of them are either super inactive or dead. With the new forum overhaul coming soon, we're trying to figure out a better way to organize organizations (see what I did there? not funny? didn't laugh? okay). With places that have relaxed rules existing like Off Topic; we could condense orgs down and put them there. Another alternative would be to delete them outright, and give certain orgs a sub-forum relevant to what they do (i.e. ORMO getting a sub-forum in Replays).

What do you guys think about organizations? In their current state, they're really a big mess and don't serve any function. What I'd like to know from you guys is:

How much do you value organizations?

What could be changed about organizations in order for them to be fun and functional? (I did it again somebody please stop me)

Would you be satisfied with any of the potential solutions listed above? If so, which one?

If there's any other ideas you'd like to share regarding organizations, I encourage you to share those as well.

Here's a poll with a free response section included if you don't want to post here: CLICK ME!
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Sorry where is “Dead Orgs” I can’t find it?

Not really sure where it is in the forums, maybe hidden. Fortunately google can help us in this case
This is a big shock to me.I left the forums for a month and now seeing the only community (that me and a few others have built for these past 8 years) that still makes me come back gone really hits me hard.
Can someone tell me what's actually happened to the organisations now?
At least let us say our goodbyes or make an announcement in our boards so we know what is happening.
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Well, they are now moved to Dead Organizations sub-forum (which is hidden for the users, but you can acess via
There's no way to actually give these goodbye messages (well, that happened like, three weeks ago, so yeah), but depending on which organization you were part of, you can either search them on the Discord toribash server or in the off-topic board.
Right when I was gonna revive the tricktionary
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