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World Championship 2019 Collectors Cards


World Championship 2019 will be entering the quarterfinals stage next weekend so it's time you showed some support to your favorite player(s?)!
Until January 18th, place your bet on who will become the champion by buying WC19 collectors cards and win some prize TC if your guess is correct when the championship is over!

--- Buy the WC 2019 Collectors cards here ---
You can only get one card of each type
can i buy multiple or just one
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so buy all of them and win how much TC?

I think we should only be able to buy one and stick to it. I dunno tho, 1 more ST and I'll buy one :P
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Good bye DestinyPower. Cya in 10yrs

Cards rewards will be sent by the end of this week.
They’ll be made tradable after that, too.