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Hair, hats & other accessories
This can be cool
It can be purchase on the market and shop!
This can be awesome and cool!
the cap will be abit flappy and the cap can be custom by textures!
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You mean something like the hair?
It could work, but would be very glitch and you wouldn't have the notion of how near is your head from the ground.
Not suported.
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Item ideias are automatically rejected, we can make this using hair or flame,and i think this idea don't will work good with toribash.
Not Suported.
^ I agree that you can make it with your flames for your head. I met this one girls (g1rl) she had a flame that looked like a hat (gentleman hat). *If i just had the money to buy a flame*
3/10 supported
this hat will not would fall off at some point.

~not supported.
We have hair, and the hair would glitch in with the hat.
/not supported
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hair is already glitchy the only real advantage is the possibility of it being cheap but that would prevent people from buying hair
...not supported
Is the only reason people have for disliking hats the thought of them falling off? That's pretty standard in fighters y'know.

I actually had this discussion with Fish a bit back, and how cool hats would be if they fell off or could be knocked off someone. You just gotta think of the potential, after all no one's saying you have to have one.

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