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%100 Opacity Join Textures
the current joint textures are like this :
Every white area counts as %0 opacity and it doesnt actually become white
but it changes to the layer under the texture wich is the colour of the force/relax

There should be a new joint besides the old joint like this :
the White areas count as white and they dont count as %0 opacity
this would be really usefull when somebody wants most joints to be for example black
but only one joint to be white
so he doesnt have to buy pure force then buy joint textures for the whole other body joints

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Q/A :
Q/ but this gives the players a good reason not to buy force and relax colours anymore because now they can just colour it with the textures
A/ this will never work like a force/relax colour
because a joint changes to relax colour when relaxed and changes to force colour when forced.

if you think that doesnt fix it, then maybe add alittle more to the price of it

but i personally think this should be cheaper than the current joint textures
because the old ones still show the force/relax colour and this new one doesnt show it.

so im basically saying: there should be 2 type of joint textures
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please reply below if you agree with this idea to support it