Battle Pass
@DsNub: 700k+
I think u can get up to 1 mil, but not much more
wishful eyes deceive me
@Nero: Sapphire: around 100k, but I see u cannot sell even at 90k, maybe make an risky auction 10k start, 5k raise, no auto buy and see where it gets u
Demon- around 60k-70k
Pure-I wouldn't pay more than 20k for it, but seeing the market prices, u can maybe get 50k, but hard
wishful eyes deceive me
Evaluation Type: TC and USD
Name: Xtreme
TC total:600,000 (for USD appraisal)

Booster/Toribash prime information: Prime, expires January 12 2011
Anything else you wish to add:

And these three epic sets:

Plus a pseudo-raver molecule projection flame forged for over 100k.
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Originally Posted by Delaid View Post

Collectors Card: HANZ0

Think anyone would pay USD?

collector cards don't really have high value...

I think it is because Nabi failed to manage the circulation and supervision of the cards.. But meh..

You can get like 30k-60k for it..