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I think the best solution to ragequitting would be to award the tournament prize to the player who did not quit, assuming the quit as forfeiture, and counting it as a loss.


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It would be the end to the ragequit epidemic.

Just a heads up, people can still close out of the Toribash application all together and "ragequit".


Awarding tc to the person who doesn't ragequit or ping does sound like a good solution though.
If someone really wants to quit the game, there's not much we can do to stop them.

We find a way to prevent them from closing the game while there's a match? They'll just unplug their modem.

Failing that, they'll unplug their computer.

Failing that, they'll turn off their house's electricity.

Failing that, they'll detonate their EMP bo

The obvious solution, as has been mentioned, is to simply reward the person who they were fighting - problem with that, as with many suggestions, is farming. Get a group together, go into a tourney server, everyone but one person quits and that one person gets the reward, repeat.

So providing an incentive to the non-quitter is out. I think the opposite - providing a disincentive to the quitter - is more reasonable. If people are ragequitting because they don't want to affect their W/L ratio, then maybe making a quit/spec in the middle of a match count as a loss for the quitter would help.

The counterargument to that is "But what if I'm in the middle of a match and I suddenly have to leave because it's past my bedtime/it's time for dinner/my whole family just got hit by a runaway aircraft carrier?" Well, the last one is clearly a case of mistaken priorities. As for the others, I think it's safe to argue that that's your issue, not ours. If you're going to commit to playing the match, then commit to playing the match.

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Decrease the elo rating of the Ragequitter by a set amount and ban them from the room for like 3-5 minutes (to prevent the instant "Haha you didn't get a win" remarks).

A deduction of 2.00 elo points per ragequit would probably send a good enough message.

As for the "But what if I'm in the middle of a match and I suddenly have to leave because it's past my bedtime/it's time for dinner/my whole family just got hit by a runaway aircraft carrier?" excuse, you place a lot of other things on a higher priority than a computer game. Good for you. These deductions shouldn't hurt you that much then if that's the case.

Time to learn time management skills.
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Let me rephrase:

If they quit the tourney while fighting in ANY way, they will be assigned the ukebot.lua script, or they just won't be spec'd due to inactivity, and then they're exit after the match.
Maybe there should be in-game rep to see who is frequently a rage quitter, and who plays matches fully.

Maybe a meter or a gauge along the player's side of the screen can be implemented; The higher the meter is, the more that person plays full matches, win or lose. The lower the meter is, the more that peron rage quits or specs.
I mean, everyone quits in matches, the meter wouldn't quite work because you dont know WHEN they quit.

There could be someone who shows they quit a lot, but in reality they wait for the match to be over, talk to their opponent, and then leave when the match starts. I do that sometimes, when I actually like the person I went against.

Also, the higher your rank, the higher quit/spec count you'll have off the bat.
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We Hate Ragers in the tourneys -_-
i know all hate this and sorry if it repost i dont know if there is one or no ..... most of tourney that i won ... they rage in it and i dont get tc about 13 times happened with me i suggest to try to search a method to find a solution for this (( like who rage after 100 frames or 50 the other get the tourney tc or making that he can't disconnect or reconnect when the match playing only he can exit and if he exit the other one get the tourney tc )) or any thing else :/

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It's impossible to take away the "option" to quit the game. Because they can turn the computer off even when you have removed all the functions to "quit game" all-together.

So here's my idea:

When a person quits the game in a tournament "while fighting", just ban the account automatically for 30 minutes, nothing more, nothing less. The person can still use the game with Free Play for those 30 minutes, but is unable to join Multiplayer servers. A message would pop up saying something like "You have been banned for 30 minutes due to ragequitting a tournament fight. Try again later."

I think that would be enough to discourage rage quitters. Because I believe every one of them wants to win in the tournament. Giving them a 30 minutes ban everytime they rage quit would ultimately force them not to quit during a fight.