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Tourneys have far greater problems than just people quitting (which I CBA going into yet again) - plus users seem to have some delusional idea that people quit over their ELO/rank.

The reality is that people who quit in the final do it as a "haha fuck you" because they don't want the other person to get the TC for winning. It's the whole childish if I can't then you shouldn't be able to bullshit.
Now you know that you'll realize that poking someone's ELO/rank as a punishment wont stop or deter it.

Kickbanning is the only obvious solution, though IMO they should have a 24 hour ban from all tourney servers.

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I feel that at most 2 hours is a more reasonable method. At the very least it prevents them from immediately rejoining and provides an active disincentive for more hyperactive players. It also should probably be IP and username linked. 24 hours is a bit excessive for the occasional legitimate "I pinged at the end of a match" issue, which isn't really impossible. Rare, but not impossible.
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The standardization of Toribash Squad roles may have gone too far!
I have encountered this ragequitting problem a few times again this week and it's the biggest gripe I have with players' tactics. I have encountered a few players (particularly boii but also unforunately Sc00rp) who quit just before a loss simply to maintain their rank, so this problem extends further than just tourneys.

My suggestions are that should a player ping/disconnect/quit etc during a fight(doesn't matter why they leave the fight):
-The losing player has their elo rating reduced, maybe even more so than it would have been had he/she just lost.
-The winning player can be assigned an 'inconclusive' and their elo would remain unaffected (to discourage people from using multiple accounts to rank someone up, should that be a concern - otherwise the player who stuck around can be awarded a win. I think this would be better to trial run and if people do use this to rank themselves up the person who stuck around would just have an unaffected elo rating).
-The match itself can be categorized inconclusive. The reasoning behind this would be that, if there weren't enough legitimate matches finished during a tourney no prize money would be paid out (as it currently is) to prevent farming as has been mentioned, however, if there were enough matches during the tourney that did finish and the last match is inconclusive due to someone ragequitting, the winner can still receive the prize money that he/she rightfully deserved.
If possible, the above suggestions can be wavered should a disconnection occur BEFORE the first frame (though honestly if you want to stick around to chat just /sp).

I believe these types of implementations are already enforced during duels (though I'm not certain) and if this is the case I'm guessing (hoping) implementing them wouldn't be too hard and would help combat this problem.

Last but not least: If someone does ping during a tourney, they should not be able to rejoin the tourney. People seem to have caught on to the fact that if they are losing, they can ping and rejoin the tourney and have another shot at the prize.

I'm sure there are people who would be put off by these ideas, but I do unfortunately have days when I ping a lot (mostly not during matches, but at times it would be in a match and people would refer to me as a ragequitter which I hate) and suffering these penalties, even if pinging is beyond my control, would be worth it if it can help stop people taking advantage of the current system and causing a lot of frustration for the majority of the players.

The idea of an ingame rep is also very appealing, since people tend to behave themselves more when someone with authority is around. How the screening process would work I'm uncertain of, but if such an idea is to be implemented I would happily volunteer as this type of behavior is unacceptable to me
Even if you take away the quit option you can always turn off the computer or just close the game, so i dont think it would be an option, instead you could create a mod where if you leave while in game you get TCs removed because of quiting.
Quit once - 5 minute ban
Twice - 10 minute
3 - 20 minute, etc, would be my solution.
after a time kick sp
will i mean that when in options the host can change a sp limit like if someone sp for 5 minutes kick
i thought of this just because who sp in qakidios
INB4 14 days ban
That's actually a pretty good idea, like afk kick.
The command to change the time should be:
/kicktime min5 (That would mean they get kicked after 5 minutes of spectating.)
/kicktime sec30 (That would mean they get kicked after 30 seconds of spectating.)
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If you're that bothered about doing qa surely you can make your won server and set the settings yourself?

I don't really see a use beyond those qa servers.

Yeah, I only don't like erthtkv2 because of the mod's name. Make it "tkv2," and the mod will instantly become more popular. This is a valid reason as the name of the mod is still an important feature that no one seems to have yet discussed.
Even if it is just for the qa rooms it would still be a nice thing to have. Considering the max players is always 4, it is a bit rude to spectate in the qa rooms. People tend to find it annoying.

I think it's fair enough to say, if you want to spectate/idle for more than 5 minutes, you don't need to do it in the qa rooms.
Disconnection Penalty
Is there a way to penalize ragers/trolls who disconnect from the match or join another one because they're losing?
Like if a person disconnects while they're losing, the match counts as a win for the other player who is currently winning. And there would be a minimum to the amount of time/turns elapsed in the match before the disconnection would give the winning player the match, so people don't repeatedly lose and disconnect. Also, if someone keeps disconnecting, they could be temporarily banned from multiplayer.
That's how it's like in other multiplayer games. I'm surprised there isn't any penalty for quitting early in Toribash
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