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Joint texture pricing
this is probably the worst idea ever in your opinion but the joint texture price is far to expensive i mean all the work you have to put in to get 1mil and then buy them?

the full 512s are a decent price buy the texture join should be around the 35k mark and not the 50k mark.
They're expensive for a reason you know. You're effectively buying every joint color and any image you want on it.
why tho
Not supported...

The prices are actually fine, If you don't have enough tc to buy it thats other thing...
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It's good that there's a few things in this game that more than likely you'd have to spend real money on this game to obtain. I've said it before and I'll say it again: you'd be very hard-pressed to find a free game online that you can invest only $20 or so in and have SO MUCH customization as you do in Toribash. Not to mention- every and all investments you make in the game have absolutely no balance impact on the game. You can be completely unique, look like nobody else ever has, for SO little money, it's good that if you want to own the highest levels of customization in this game you'd have to actually support the company that made the game you know and love.
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The ToriShop has always been there to help Nabi gain profit, it's a business world. Give them some time, if they were willing to lower most of the items prices and qi, they might do so for the textures too. But in all honesty, joint textures are really quite unique. Think of it this way, you're getting a joint/force colour and textures at the same time. Also, you can see joint textures being sold in the items thread most of the time. They're usually sold around 25K - 35K. I just sold 5 of mine yesterday for 32K each and that doesn't even touch your 35K mark.
If there price was like 20k
Everybody will buy them
And then nobody will buy relaxes/joints
This will effect the market much much many much