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Idea suggestions
I have a couple ideas that I believe would be cool and better for toribash.

1. This has been requested a lot by the public, it would be cool if people had belts around their tori, but you would have to buy em, and it would show your level of belt.

2. I am a mod maker and I really would like it if the objects would go higher than just 127. I have had to cancel a few mods because of this of this object restriction.
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1) I thought yoyo already made a script about 3D belts years ago?(not for mp I believe)

2) If an object goes higher than 127, let us say unlimited, wouldn't that just crash/lag out the game, since it would take a long time to download and load the mod that has more than one object w/ the height of 127+?also most of the pc's have lags even without the mod.
Now imagine a guy making a mod, unlimited sized cubes everywhere, wouldn't that crash your game?or at least causes lag?
Any bad computer + a mod w/ 5042959-height objects = immediate crashing...
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if you read the thread about 3D objects, you would see that they said they that belts don't look good in game.
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Yeah first one is in progress, second is gonna happen when it's possible. Cap got raised a short while ago so I'm guessing it's gonna take a while.

I'm closing this, since I don't see any intelligent discussion coming out of it.
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