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Moderation Training Board
I think that there should be some sort of forum that is ran by staff. This forum would allow trial staff members and users who want to become staff to train their moderation skills and strategies. This forum would also allow for a better selection of future staff members.

What this forum is/would be:

It would be a board/forum with multiple threads in it. Then staff members would award a Local Moderator position to the person who requires/wants training. Then a 'moderation test' would occur.

The moderation test would include multiple waves of staff/bots posting threads and posts within the threads. The threads/posts could be filled with malicious things in need of fixing that are hidden by good/quality posts. If the moderator in training fails to correctly moderate these problems they would receive minus points to their final score.

Maybe there isn't enough staff to handle all of this. But a way around this is to have one or two staff members with alternate accounts running the board and posting. Another way to fix this is to have the test cost TC. This would only apply to regular non-staff members of the community. Trial staff members would take the test for free. This would limit the amount of tests/amount of people that want to take the test. Only people that are determined to improve their moderation skills would take the test.
There's a board on forum that is run by staff and made for staff only.
When new staff members who are going to be involved in forum moderation are selected, we pick those who we know so such procedure isn't required. Lmods are usually users who regularly make good posts in a certain board and help at keeping it in order by reporting rule-breaking posts. I don't remember any smod being accepted without previously being a msquad or GM member, same with admin - they usually spend lots of time being smods before getting promoted.
Do you think you could open this board to the public? Or at least a few people?
There's a board on forum that is run by staff and made for staff only.

I don't think it's a good idea to have a staff run forum that is open to the public, it's private for a reason.


All of the forums are ran by the staff. If it has to stay private. Why not make one for the public?
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Do you think you could open this board to the public? Or at least a few people?

Well we have a board that some non-staff people see and post in (usually when we're collaborating on projects they run), I don't think it would be of any use to give everyone access to it. Anyway, it isn't related to "moderation training" so that's a bit different from what is being suggested here.

I honestly don't know how you can train one's "moderation skills". It's either a user knows rules / has common sense or he doesn't. If he does and he demonstrates that so staff members see that, he may have chances to get in a team, otherwise training wouldn't help (or even if it would we don't have time to train every second user who wants to become admin).
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