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A new idea
Maybe you could add like umm....hrm.. hard to say
but like packs that cost 5k-100k that when you open give you items no qi and qi....

i think its a little but good idea

5k- 1 rare item
7.5k- 3 rare items
25k-7 rare items
50k-10 rare items
100k - all rare

5k-12 items
7.5k-12 items
25k-12 items
50k- 20 items
100k 34 items
from my knowledge i know that other games like FIFA,Madden,2k will support this it would be pretty interesting if Toribash would do this but i believe it couldn't happen because it would be ridiculous for someone to spent all that time building something very weird and spending all your money to get garbage like CS:GO for example,;pretty bad
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I support the idea since I like opening cases in CS:GO and it's pretty fun to test your luck. Even though you might get shit, you can have fun spending money . A rare item could be something that ranges from orc/chronos towards pure/void, but the chances gets lower every tier and all prizes are all no QI Restricted.
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