World Championship 2022
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As an added accessory for a tori, a prop would be like a flame that stays a set distance away from the tori. Like a small plane doing circles 300 distance above the tori's highest point.

Kind of like the props for the xbox avatar, except they aren't physical and don't interact with the tori.

These would be like hair, you can't create your own but you can choose from a set few for a bit of TC.

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Don't post things like this. Next time report the post instead or pm me.
The rule about items only apples to items that can be created without any coding. Afaik this isn't possible with the current version, which makes this suggestion totally legit.
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Well, i don't know what to say, these props can troll the players a little bit, because they can not change the joints interaction if the prop is IN THEM. But, it is a good idea, if it is expensive and has a qi restriction, i will say SUPPORTED!
Id say a set distance from tori and also uke, but I don't know how that would work.