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(Boxshu) Boxshu United

Most warriors have tried their hand at the art of Boxshu,
but few stay on the path long enough to understand its ways.
Boxshu is a dance that flows like water, and like water we tear down the greatest mountains with persistence

[X] Never lose our way
[X] Have 25 members
[X] have 1 000 000 TC in bank
[X] Become Rank 10
[X] Become Rank 5
[ ] Become Rank 1





EliZ (Founder)
Elmindreda (Leader)
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Hello hello, I'm an invade. Good luck for the whole clan and I can't wait to see you all in-game.

Wish you the best of luck kids!
There’s no need for a proper conversation. Just announcements, clan changes, or dogs!
Cracker Of 87
Seems like we got the spoilers under control huh? Good to see you guys getting everything sorted out.