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Script Question
Is there a script that lets you modify ONLY your movements while keeping the other tori's movements? if there isn't a script, is it possible to make something like that?

For example in a 4 player parkour, i slip up once in a part while the other toris are perfectly fine. The script could let me modify a specific frame while the other toris go along the replay's movements, something like respar but you can move a specific tori
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not sure if theres a script for it but its possible to do in the rpl file with the notepad but it would have to take a looooot of trial and error
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I was gonna respond earlier but I forgot, it's not very hard or tedious to do through notepad, make a copy of the replay you wanna edit and start editing (playing) from the frame you want.
After you finished editing what you wanted, save it and open it in another notepad.
Then copy the variables of the frames you edited and replace them with the variables of the original replay in the corresponding frames.

Its easier to show through video so if you need any help add me on discord rox#6840
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