Nice replays creative dms was fine but little bit I felt like u feels panic there d:,I like the second boom was really good and that double skeet there just nice really nice idea making it like that right skeet the left skeet 9/10 keep madmans ur good in them but try to be more fluid and spinny thought.
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Thanks for the comments.

Did a fast thing, Posting parkour replays within some days, Should be up before the 30th.
Have been bussy so haven't finished them yet. But for now, as i said did a fast thing.
Madman in like 30 mins.
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#Xioi#M- YpeZi.rpl (203.8 KB, 61 views)
Jun 2, 2023 - .best. day. ever.
Now that was friggin sweet. It looked as though you sliced through uke like he was butter, not quite into the half-extended kick in the middle but that last kick won me over. For a fast thing, that was pretty great.

Gonna watch this thread for quite a while, your parkour replays are friggin impressive.
Collab with Fred

I did the opener, he did the first boom and the transition to the grab throw thingy,
then i did the last 2 booms

And will be posting some parkour after new years.
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#Xioi#C- Fred.rpl (195.5 KB, 76 views)
Jun 2, 2023 - .best. day. ever.
Hello xioi.
The reason I do not comment on other peps threads is because I'm having problems with my new laptop. The only way I can open replays is via notepad so that means that I have to end up saving the replay in my toribash just so I can see it. And its a pain in the ass.

So I'm just going to bump your thread.
We all know that you make good replays. Keep it up.
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Good day Dr. Freud
Largekilla is so great that only by reading the numbers in notepad he can understand what's going on in the replays. Lol ;).

I really liked the replay, everything you did before hitting uke (guess people call it an "opener") was fast and looked nice and the DM's you did to the lower body were really cool (I love when the joints fly up).
I'm no expert, so I won't point out bad things cause I'm oblivious to them.
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A shame to hear Large, Would really like to get a few tipps or pointers on the latest replays, And thanks for bumping ;)
And please make more replays, Your one of the inspirational replaymakers that keep blowing my mind wanting to keep making replays.

And thanks alot aswell imthewalrus for the comment ;)
And completely missed Sprytryne, Thanks, Have always loved your replays, really making me glad you like mine.

As i said earlier. Some parkour will get up eventually, have worked my ass of. for now,
Some rushed as fuck tricking.
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#Xioi#T- Lores du peop.rpl (155.5 KB, 58 views)
Jun 2, 2023 - .best. day. ever.
Going to poland on Saturday, to the next saturday,
When i get back there will be a parkour replay or two up a day or so after c:
So for now i made a madman, and yes my movement is jerky as a motherfucker xd.
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#Xioi#M- TosLan.rpl (182.2 KB, 64 views)
Jun 2, 2023 - .best. day. ever.
pretty nice start, awesome dm's and an epic pose, the only flaw I could saw was the head touching uke, expect alot from you in the future