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Sandalphon's Toribrawl Tournament
Hello everyone Sandalphon here. I present to you the Toribrawl Tournament: my first event ever.

In this event i want the participants to make a selfspar replay on the specific mod posted in this thread.very simple right?

Just post your replay in this thread and i will get them and judge.

No Hacking
Don't Steal Replays
No Collabs and no alts to make multiple entries
The Replay needs to be 800 frames atleast
You can change your replay as many times as you want before the deadline

Haha and the moment everyone was waiting for:
The Prizes are:
512x512 Full Body Set
Full Comic Effects
Ninja Socks.

Notice that there will be only one winner no 3rd or 2nd place.

Deadline is : 12/7/22 UPDATED

Many Thanks to Halu for Making the mod for this event. .
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Time to rust off the selfsparring again i guess

Glhf nerds
Jun 2, 2023 - .best. day. ever.
I got thoroughly bored towards the end so just rushed it, but here
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Xioi - SelfSpar -VEvent.rpl (1.16 MB, 18 views)
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Jun 2, 2023 - .best. day. ever.
Ok deadline is here thx everyone for participating i will announce the winner soon.

Sorry btw i had o specify deadline was 12/7 9.30 pm gmt -4


Thanks to Lionet,Halu and Orber for Judging the rpls.

i will send 10k to the other participants as a gift for participating in my event. hope you guys liked my event.
Gratz Cheatreal, dope replay even tho it's like 80% tricking the fight moments are dope lmfao

Fun event, do more of these and i might not halfass it next time
Jun 2, 2023 - .best. day. ever.