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Ghostrunner-esque Parkour Mod
Good morning evening night afternoon whatever

I have never spent such a long time picking colors for a mod as I did for this one.
This isn't meant to be the easiest of parkour maps and the fact that its sort of a more vertical map adds on to that

screenshots (sorry for the chat being in the pictures)

I recommend using a ReShade preset if you have one to make the colors pop and make em look more cyberpunkish
Go wild and send me replays if you do play this.
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parkour_ghostrunner_climb.tbm (32.3 KB, 48 views)
<(Vector)Haluejah> parm
(Vector)Lionet> you have shit taste in cheese
interesting vertical route, looks a little dull though decoratively? (color, detail work) Nonethess i like seeing mods with different lighting style
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The colors are truly a masterpiece, details look great, routes are fun and varied enough, great work all around