Weekend Bash
hey uhhhh...... been a minute!
I'm not gonna lie i've been procrastinating from posting on forums cause i dont really feel like going through all the text editing with all the spoilers just to update the main post.............

been ages since i posted a non-tb related art hasnt it.. lemme fix that

heres the finished version of my guts w the transformed berserk armor, if you are in tb official discord you might have seen me posting a wip yesterday

anyways, i didnt plan the background beforehand, so it was quite the pain, only the character took me 15 hours to finish, since my main goal w this pic was purely to focus on the rendering of the character im not gonna bother cleaning up the background

also im probably moving my future posts to my legend thread (when i decide to make it that is) BUT i might get too lazy and just keep posting here...

i hope you enjoy it, i had tons of fun drawing auras around the character so i'll also be posting some alternate versions,
cnc always appreciated, o/


alternate versions (non blurred bg and different auras)

also rip miura : pray :
Never inactive, just slow sometimes.

bulldoboy 4 life <3