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Item Forgers News!

Toribash presents...

(Item Forgers)

The Team.

Founder of the Item Forgers.
Head coder.
Icon maker.
Reta & Tinerr
Item Forger coder.
Idea man.
3D Artist
Banner maker/artist.
Texture Artist
3D Artist
Texture Artist
3D Artist
3D Artist
3D Artist
What we do, and plan to do.

Our primary and only goal is to bring you, the toribashians new and exciting items to trick out your tori, or even power them up...
What lies in wait for you from the Forgers is and will always be a mystery, but we promise to make you happy with every release!



All items under hints are not set in stone, and may not even be made. We will not reveal information or answer questions about the items either.


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Can't wait for it, I'm guessing I'll get more addicted to toribash because of this.
I wuv wuffles :3
Originally Posted by Lazors View Post

And now for a serious question.

Are there any plans for regular users ever to be able to forge hair?

Currently, not at the moment. There is no real need for people to able to make their own hairs atm, and they are a bit trickier than making a flame.
Done with this community, you guys suck.
Originally Posted by Goon View Post
They should think of a new force color.

There isn't a dark dark pink.

There isn't a neon blue(Like supernova and Toxic.)

i m digging that blue idea and really Hot Pink?
damn im gettin old
I was thinking of applying to item forget (I know firebolty) but do I need to be able to code to join this team?
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[4:37 PM] ponf: you'd be wrong
uwu i wuv you uwu
sensei i asked and would also like to become and from what i hear you dont need to know any type of coding.Plus all i would wanna do is come up with ideas.And test the items.
damn im gettin old
I think that a neon blue would be a nice new color for the game, and if my opinion counts, Im supporting the idea
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Originally Posted by CaioReborn View Post
put a texture variable in force, reflective, matte, metallic.

im not understanding this?
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example, you buy a force, after purchasing, you can choose whether you want to use it with a matte appearance, metallic, or reflexes, understand?
I get it, like paint finishes in Saints row 3
[4:37 PM] ponf: y'all might think i'm not wild enough to send dick pics over toribash
[4:37 PM] ponf: you'd be wrong
uwu i wuv you uwu