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Hi Lolly :c
Well, btw that replay was pretty interesting.
The opener was nice and the beginning of the replay was just great, as usual, impressive movement and stuff. Split was nice, looked kinda powerful imo, boom was actually nice but than kind of boom was pretty generic, that was what in my opinion, The backkick was cool, seriously plus that sexy ground decap. Pose was bossy :c
Overall, really nice replay yo.
"People become stronger cause there are memories they won't forget."
So your ballerina style is still there
Core hit was very powerful, nice job on that.
I would have expected something a bit more interesting than a few chest hits though. They were well done, although I'm not a fan of your usage of grab for both of them.
oh yeah
Thanks for the responses c:
I'll comment on your replays when I'm home (I'm on a vacation atm)
It's my first parkour and i think it's pretty decent c:
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Well, I liked the opener and the beginning a lot, I really like how you move in one direction, it makes your movement looked realy cool seriously.
Split was kinda meh but the boom was kind awesome, the destruction was great shit.
The opener looked a bit twitchy but the spin after that was very well done, the manuver after the spin kinda stiff, the split was clean but not my style. And the boom looked great even though it was just a simple kick, the Pose was okay. Overall 8/10 good joob
Also hi
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Hi Lolly.
Eh, the beginning was really cool, like usual, your style is always lovely and shit.
Not a fan of the first boom to be honest, but it was still nice though.
The jump was cool, that grap kinda kill your speed but I know you need that grap to do that boom, boom byitself was really nice for my taste.
Pose looks awesome.
"People become stronger cause there are memories they won't forget."