Those mods are very fun, though I must disagree with Sora and recommend against dualblade version because I think it's too unwieldy.
Dualblade requires a lot of care to use but if used right it is as quick and agile as the others although requiring a bit of skill to use, it's probably my favorite of the three but I still recommend dualsabers since it's more simplistic and easier to use for newer people
if there's no other suggestions could we try dab_dualblade2.tbm and see how it does?
EDIT: cancel that, throws would become cancerous just like dualsabers. Question though, why the tc boost? is it to draw players in? It seems to cause players to just join to try and farm tc. Just my opinion though
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Yo. Well I suggest rondel_dagger_duel.tbm. It's a an improved version of my older dagger mod.
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Smallbowl showed me this thread, thanks m8 <3

I made this mod not to be the judo we see in toribash, but to be a "real judo" version.

The mod is full detailed here: http://forum.toribash.com/showthread.php?t=527376
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iver_judo.tbm (13.7 KB, 2 views)

I'd also like to encourage people to give feedback on the featured mods in this thread. Feedback would be really useful
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