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[READ BEFORE POSTING] Steps to making a quality thread in Off-Topic

This thread also doubles as an extent of the Rules thread. If you make a thread here, and it defies one of the steps I have listed, you will be WARNED/INFRACTED.

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Failure to comply with these rules will result in a warning/infraction.

Hello, this thread serves as a guide to making quality threads on Off-Topic. Should you follow these steps correctly, your thread's chance of being bulldozed by a moderator will decrease massively.

Step One: Know what Off-Topic is for.

Quoting the rules for Off-Topic:
Off-topic is a board meant for less-than-completely-serious debate, idea sharing, news linking, et cetera.

This means we want threads that are easy for people to join in, without the topic being downright silly (wibblish). This might take some thought for a quality thread. Game threads are discouraged here aswell.

Step Two: Check if there is a more appropriate board for your thread.

For example: If you are coming to Off-Topic to have a question answered, please use the board Rapid Threads instead.

Step Three: Check if there is an existing thread for your idea.

This doesn't mean you have to check as far back as a few years to see if your idea is original. If no such thread has been active in the past 6 months - 1 year, go ahead and make the thread.

Step Four: Check if there is an active organization for your thread idea.

For example: If you want to make a thread about Anime/Manga, remember that Anime United exists, and excluding discussions in Clans and other Organizations, it is preferred that all discussion of Anime/Manga stay inside the organization made for it.
However, if there is an organization for your thread idea, but you find it to be quite inactive, feel free to make the thread.

Here is a link to the Organiζations page.

Step Five: Make sure your original post for the thread is accessible.

This means for you to start off your thread solidly - give information on the topic thoroughly, give users some questions to think about and answer, even go above and beyond and answer some yourself.

If you follow all of these questions correctly, you should have a quality thread set up. Remember that threads can also be closed due to a large number of low quality posts inisde threads, so please use the report button whenever you see a post that breaks the rules, and of course do not make these posts yourself.

If you have any questions regarding this thread, PM an Off-Topic Local Moderator, any Super Moderator or any Admin.

Thank you for reading!
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There has been a new rule implemented regarding posting in this thread:

Please refrain from making posts in this thread that do not contribute to the list AKA useless posts.
This means no congratulatory posts, questions that do not regard the list, etc. As usual, you will be warned/infracted for making such a post.

You can find this at the very top of the original post for this thread. Any useless posts made after this post will be handled accordingly.
I've recently edited this thread putting in this:

Originally Posted by Fee View Post
Failure to comply with these rules will result in a warning/infraction.

This has already been a thing, but now we will infract people who are making threads that break any rule. Good thing there is a thread that will guide users to prevent this!
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