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Kingship Set

Greetings, Toris. King Blingo decided to bless you with the all new "Kingship" set, hooray!

"...I've witnessed it all."

Blingo the Crown - 30,000 TC or 5 Shiai Tokens
Blingo is the new king put in charge of an ongoing brutal legacy. You can't hear him, but you know exactly what he wants from that look on his face. He's hungry. He wants blood... or, maybe just ice cream.

Royal Longsword - 35,000 TC or 5 Shiai Tokens
King Blingo commissioned this masterpiece of a longsword but couldn't carry it, so Blingo received a tiny golden version and then the longsword was sold off.

Trofeo's Staff - 50,000 TC or 5 Shiai Tokens
With this essential staff, King Blingo has proven himself to be quite the fearless crown!...wait, is that a candy jewel?

Taiji Dao Blade - 25,000 TC or 5 Shiai Tokens
It's best to have a short-sword in case you cannot yield your longsword, preparing yourself is half the battle.

Throne of King Softrule - 75,000 TC or 8 Shiai Tokens
Every ruler must prepare themselves a chair durable enough to withstand long speeches, endless combat and melted ice cream. Remember not to try to lift it!

Item Previews

The items are now available in Torishop. Click on any of the icons to be redirected to the specific item.
Alternatively, click me to view the 3D section of Torishop for all the goodies.
So get them while they're new, the stock won't last forever!
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