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mod categories
why did u make a mod category system?
surely u guys (whoever updates this game) should know by now u don't know what ur doing, and i'm pretty certain u know this is a problem but refuse to fix it because there's a workaround (make an entirely new "events" folder in my mods folder where i just put the mod)

i just downloaded a replay, downloaded the mod the replay was made in, dragged the mod into my mod folder and get this

what if someone wants to make their own mod category folder in their files? looks like u have to make that same mod category folder in ur files too XD
what's even the point? the bright side is now i can easily find my "wtf" category mods that come with the game LOL
name another game that punishes u for not having the folder pinned in quick access so u can bypass very obvious design flaws in how the game loads relevant files (a problem that did not exist until mod categories were made)

u probably can't cuz their player counts are in the double digits at most
not toribash tho we got hundreds of guests at all times so it's all good

i guess i didn't outright say it but my suggestion is fix the mod category system, it was already a hassle before i had to do all this extra dog shit to watch a replay i was just barely interested in watching in the first place
and rly it's not even a suggestion, i just wanted to be mean but u probably already know that cuz u know me
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