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The Gathering (NEED REPLAYS)

hey dudes hell here, i need some replays for this new vid i got coming out. thanks in advance
Hi I moved this to the appropriate spot.

Good luck! : )
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You can use this rpls if u want to
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f67.rpl (707.3 KB, 4 views)
f68 goooood.rpl (1.04 MB, 1 views)
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Nothing crazy in comparison to other's replays, but here's 11 random ones. Use whatever your heart desires.
the 11th replay didn't fit, so i add it in the 2nd attachment
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-30 decap.rpl (35.8 KB, 1 views)
30 gravity fun.rpl (230.0 KB, 1 views)
erth fun.rpl (96.5 KB, 1 views)
erth kozak.rpl (96.0 KB, 1 views)
flawless victory.rpl (196.8 KB, 2 views)
KEKW.rpl (155.0 KB, 1 views)
madmanito2.rpl (171.8 KB, 1 views)
Single Player Cup 2022.rpl (194.0 KB, 0 views)
throwstaugust.rpl (155.3 KB, 1 views)
Uke Revenge_st_august.rpl (164.3 KB, 1 views)
WOAH THROW 2.rpl (245.4 KB, 1 views)
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just some spars because nobody dropped any yet
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haku vs melrose FINAL.rpl (424.0 KB, 5 views)
yayo vs melrose.rpl (504.0 KB, 3 views)
Athin vs melrose.rpl (518.7 KB, 7 views)
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this was from way back.
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legacy.rpl (161.7 KB, 5 views)
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